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I was a huge admirer of photography long before I went through studies on art and photography at National college of art and design in Dublin, Ireland. My approach is oriented towards fine art photography. I'm working on ongoing projects mainly, these are shaped and developed over the time. Each photograph in my portfolio may as well be perceived as a single study, beholding similar characteristics as a reflection of a daydreaming person, very much fascinated by nature, often in unreal or surreal manner. My portrait work is always pre-planned, structured, themed depending on the matter of the particular project.
With the focus on humanism, derived from analytical work of Steven Pinker and Benedict Anderson's concept of 'imagined community', its theoretical insights, my direction aims for a more conceptual approach. Stay tuned for updates!

I'm a proud member of Forbundet Frie Fotografer (FFF) - Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers.

Selection of my work has been on display in a handful of art shows, publications, a fairly big number of private collections, as well as features across the Interweb.